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Whether you want to serve a classic dessert or one of our Sweet Surrender original creations, all our special desserts are handmade with the highest quality ingredients and are always a crowd pleaser.

White Chocolate Bread Pudding

One of the longtime customer favorites. This Sweet Surrender Bread Pudding is absolutely delightful.  We soak bread in creamy, white custard then bake it and top it with rich caramel sauce. 


Pumpkin Bread Pudding


Want a tasty twist on the traditional pumpkin for the Holidays?  You’ll love the Pumpkin Bread Pudding.  It’s our own, original bread pudding recipe with pumpkin custard.  This may become your favorite holiday treat.

Available in 3 sizes


One of the translations of tiramisu is “cheer me up.” This Sweet Surrender version of the Italian classic dessert will surely lift your spirits.  Made in the traditional Italian way and with ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, coffee, and cocoa. This is always a favorite every time it's served. 

Available in 3 sizes

Tres Leches

(48-hour notice required, available in 3 sizes)

This house made, artisan dessert is made with the highest quality ingredients to create a one of a kind delicacy. Our own yellow cake is soaked overnight in three different styles of milk—whole, sweetened condensed, and heavy cream.  Fresh whipped cream and seasonal fruit are added on top.   



Eclairs are one of those desserts that makes your mouth water the instant that you see it.  Sweet Surrender eclairs are made the old-fashioned way by our legendary pastry chefs. And the good news is that Sweet Surrender eclairs taste as good as they look.

Banana Nilla Pudding

Everyone who has ever enjoyed the eating Nilla Vanilla Wafers has dreamed of this Sweet Surrender dessert.  Vanilla layered with bananas, Nilla Wafers, and whipped cream. 


Cranberry Pecan Bread

House-made flatbread with pecans and whole cranberries.  This delightful dessert is soft and crunchy. 


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