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sweet surrender

Sweet Surrender has become a local legend. The name is synonymous with great taste. It was started by a 20-something Kim Fiorini. Back then she did about everything. Everything that is except compromise on quality. Right from the start, Kim knew she wanted to offer her hometown the most unique and best tasting bakery anywhere. One taste. One visit and you'll see she did.

Sweet Surrender cakes have been featured nationally.  The Lemon White Chocolate cake was featured in Oprah magazine. And the Matterhorn cake was highlighted on Food Network “Best Thing I’ve Ever Ate.”

Lemon White Chocolate and Matterhorn (1)
There’s so much more to Sweet Surrender than the best tasting pastries and bakery items you’ve ever had. That alone would make a visit worthwhile. Sweet Surrender features a boutique and gift shop that maintains the Sweet Surrender passion of great taste and high quality.

It starts with recipes that were refined in the early years after countless hands-on kitchen experiments. Once the recipes were fine-tuned with the perfect blend of ingredients in the precise right proportions, the search to identify the highest quality ingredients was next. 


Now, every bite of a cookie, every amazing slice of cake reminds you that there is no place on Earth like Sweet Surrender. It is simply the best bakery anywhere, and it's right here in Bakersfield. 


You may not be accustomed to finding a sophisticated boutique and gift store located inside a bakery. But Sweet Surrender is not like any other bakery. You will find great taste in every part of the store.


It’s common that our long-time customers come in for the incredible taste of one of the delicious bakery items and stay for the incredible shopping.  No matter why you initially come to visit or why you stay, everyone leaves Sweet Surrender happy and with a satisfied smile.

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